Monday, April 22, 2013

Let's set a few things straight

Well, it seems that our plans are being broadcasted about...  And without me actually updating this page... or really anyone. Sorry.
Life has been happening here. And it is good.
We HAVE NOT bought our dream Airstream. In fact, it is still in the works, but not top priority like it was. We are going to take our time and find the one that feels right for us. We have currently looked at only 3 different ones that were nearby, and although they all had good things (and bad things) none of them were just right.
Our expectations might be high, but we want to be sure we don't settle and make an impulse buy JUST BECAUSE.
So my summer of Airstream living is not happening... YET! I still can dream though, right?!
I got the hubby onboard with the Airstream, now to just find the one.
And it is a lot harder than I imagined!
There are so many for sale, but they are so haphazardly priced, it is hard to get a really good perspective on what they are worth. I think just careful consideration will go a long way.
I can't wait though!
To camp here in Texas with a little bit of protection from all the things that make it unpleasant to camp here... the wind, the heat, the snakes and scorpions! Did I mention the heat?!

Anyways, enough with that... life has been busy here. Just figuring out what we are doing for summer, while trying to finish up classes and decide on a plan for next year. We are most likely homeschooling the kids (well, me really since hubby will be gone half the year!). And you know, I don't want to hear all the negativity.
This is a fabulous thing. I get to spend time with my kids while they are young. And contrary to popular belief, I like my kids. ALOT! And this is how we have decided to spend this year before I start school full-time and possibly working full time.
We are completely comfortable with this decision, and the kids are in love with the idea also.
Early March, we spent some time with one set of the Grandparents... near Galveston, and it was fantastic.

I am posting a couple pictures, I am not going to regularly posting pictures here of our lives... I am actually trying to not document every moment of my kids lives because I am not sure it is a good thing. I want them to have memories that they make in their mind... sure, we will have plenty of pictures... but not all on here for everyone to see.