Sunday, May 5, 2013

Camping and living

Just some quick pictures to illustrate how we are spending our days. My parents came to visit a couple weeks ago, and we hung around Abilene. They got to see the oldest play some soccer, which was fun. 
Last weekend we went camping north of Dallas, at Ray Rogers State Park. We had a bunch of fun! Funny, our campspot was in between two Airstreams! Talk about fate, right! One was one of the little ones, and the other was a bit longer. Both still too small for our big family, but I can not wait to make one ours!
The kids and us really had fun fishing, and playing at the beach. We went on some long walks, and played in the water. The night before we were leaving, the littlest threw up in bed... yuck! But this seems to be a natural occurrence for us when we camp. Unfortunately! Then the next morning, we were packing up, and Kellen shut the front door of the van, and sent Soren sailing right into the back door he was trying to shut! He ended up with a big gash down the front of his forehead... which we deemed not stitch worthy, but almost! It has since healed quite nicely.
We are still on the lookout for our Airstream camper and nice tow vehicle. Still unsure what route we will go, but probably Excursion or Suburban... make it comfortable for everyone, right?
Hope everyone is having a great Cinco de Mayo!
We will be celebrating Tyler's birthday tomorrow with steak and cheesecake! Yum! The kids have been making him cards this morning (he is golfing!) and it is the most adorable thing. "You are my favorite dad. You are great" from Ayla's card... like she has more than one dad?!!
Colt cut out a heart ladybug and wrote happy birthday, Tyler. I love you. 
Both addressed it to Tyler. I thought that was pretty funny too! 

sidenote: The above stroller, my new to me Phil & Ted's Sport... is amazing! If I could do it all over again... I would have gotten this one many years ago! it was/is well worth the money that I spent, and I have only had it one week! I should write up a quick blurb on what i would do over again back at square one while having kids. This would definitely go on that list!! (And I have had a couple strollers!)